How to make a complaint?

At, we strive to ensure that every customer receives only the best products and is satisfied with their purchase. We carefully select the suppliers and products we sell to minimize problems. We have tested many products ourselves before adding them to our store. Nevertheless, sometimes something may not work 100%. In such cases, we are here for you and will do everything to resolve the problem as quickly as possible to your satisfaction. Because we handle only a minimum of complaints, they are processed quickly and often by replacing with a new item.

How to proceed with a complaint:

  1. Contact us - preferably by e-mail at or by phone at the numbers in contacts. Together we will try to identify the problem and find a solution. It often turns out that it is just an incorrect setting or configuration and we can solve the problem quickly remotely.
  2. Send us the goods - if we cannot solve the problem remotely, please send the goods for a complaint to the address listed in the contacts. Please pack the goods carefully, ideally in the original packaging, to avoid damage during transport.
  3. We will resolve the complaint - as soon as the goods arrive to us, we will get to work. Our goal is to handle the complaint as quickly as possible so you can print again without interruption. If we have replacement goods in stock, we will usually send you a new item right away. If not, we will refund your money or agree on another solution that suits you.

We believe you will be satisfied with our products and support. But if something does not work as it should, we are here for you. Let us know and together we will find a solution.