About us

Hello, I'm Pavel Tajduš and I'm behind this eshop.

I have been involved in 3D printing since 2018, and I have completely fallen for it. Thanks to this passion for 3D printing, I have created many projects.

Currently, my biggest project is my Youtube channel. I regularly do long live streams usually of printer builds. I have most often built Voron 3D printers. I also (very gladly) focus on topics such as how to start with 3D printing or how to choose a 3D printer.

This leads me to my other activity - 3D printing courses. I organized my first course in January 2021. I also participate in the DEEP project within Erasmus+, where I serve as a 3D printing instructor.

And because I enjoy meeting other 3D printers, I regularly attend MakerFaire events (Prague, Brno, Ostrava). This photo was taken at the Brno MakerFaire 2023.

We can also meet over a beer. I regularly organize a meeting of 3D printing people in Frýdek-Místek with an unexpected name - 3D beer. I would like to take the 3D beer event beyond Frýdek-Místek.

I'm alsowriting articles and guides on my blogs about 3D printing and github.

Unnamed eshop

This peculiar name - unnamed eshop - actually came about by chance. I didn't want to push my eshop on my youtube channel, so when I needed to mention my own eshop, I simply said "unnamed eshop". It quickly caught on, and today it's an established term.

It historically started at the end of 2022. As a fan of Voron 3D printers, I created merch. T-shirts and mugs. I got quite a lot of orders, and keeping track in an excel spreadsheet, manual invoicing, and even in two currencies was hell. I told myself that I had to do it differently for the next batch, or I simply wouldn't manage. And so came the idea for an eshop.

Along with the t-shirts and mugs, filaments were added, then printers, parts, and more and more things.

Within a few weeks, the eshop grew so much that I could no longer continue as a garage eshop (yes, I started and packed orders in a garage) and it was necessary to find more suitable premises. And then came another expansion into additional spaces. The spaces are not large, but they are nice, accessible by car. Come and visit. The address is in the contacts.

People around the unnamed eshop

There is an unbelievable amount of work around the eshop. It really doesn't work automatically and by itself. And because I was starting to not manage it, Jana started helping me in May as the first employee. Jana is currently the main driver of the expedition of your orders. And over time, we will certainly expand the team with more great people.

Anyway, this is no young, dynamically developing company... We are completely normal 3D printing nuts who don't hide behind an anonymous company based in Prague (behind a company yes, but definitely not anonymous). You can normally contact us by email, phone, or just come to us on Discord. Or stop by in person. Either at the "store" or at one of the 3D beer events.

And I'm glad that you're part of it with us. Thanks.